January 31, 2019

Major General William P. McBride

Major General William P. McBride
OG-107 Uniform – In-Country Tailored

General McBride entered military service in December 1941 as an aviation cadet. He served in the Mediterranean and European Theaters during World War II, flying 146 combat missions. McBride first served with the 33rd Fighter Group in North Africa and later was commander of the 371st Fighter Group. He remained in Europe with the Army of Occupation as commander of the 36th Fighter Group at Rothwesten, Germany. McBride returned to the United States in 1946 as commander of the 79th Fighter Squadron at Shaw Field. In 1950 he was assigned to the Fleet Marine Force Atlantic as a staff officer and spent six weeks about the USS Albemarie in the Caribbean. During the Korean War, McBride was first assigned to the 502nd Tactical Control Group in 1950. He then assumed command of the 35th Fighter Group and remained in Korea as commander of the 18th Fighter Group. After being wounded over North Korea, McBride returned to duty as Chief of Combat Operations for the Fifth Air Force. He was sent to Turkey in 1954 as director of operations of the Sixth Allied Tactical Air Force. McBride became deputy commander of the 50th Tactical Fighter Wing in Germany in 1961, later becoming commander of the 49th Tactical Fighter Wing. He was made commander of Task Force A, Pacific Air Forces in 1967. Before retiring in 1973, McBride was serving as deputy chief of staff for operations of the Tactical Air Command at Langley Air Force Base.

 General McBride in 1968

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