April 15, 2016

Brigadier General George M. Kimball

Brigadier General George M. Kimball
M1902 Dress Uniform

Kimball was born in Dardanelle, Arkansas and graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1884.  He practiced medicine in Massachusetts until 1889, at which time he entered into business.  Kimball’s business interests ranged from insurance and woolen mills to railroads and hotels.  He remained connected to his medical background, serving as a trustee of the New Hampshire State Hospital and was a member of the New Hampshire Medical Society.  In 1907, Kimball was appointed Surgeon General by Governor Charles M. Floyd and commissioned as a Brigadier General in the New Hampshire National Guard.  He was retained as Surgeon General by Henry B. Quinby until 1911, when Quinby’s term expired.  Kimball would go on to serve as a trustee of the New Hampshire Savings Bank, becoming president in 1917.  

 Officers wearing the M1902 Dress Uniform.
(H.A. Ogden, Stone Lithograph, 1908)